Saturday, 12 March 2011

Old knowledge

Hi everybody.  Firstly, let me thank you for clicking on this blog.  I am Des and am about to put my third book on Amazon.
I feel very privileged at being able to write something that others enjoy and by which they might also gain.  I am now in my fifties and feel that I have learnt many things in life which might benefit others.  Isn’t it ironic that just when we come to the stages in our lives where we have most to give, nobody seems to want to listen?  This is where the storyteller has the edge.  People remember stories and a good storyline can be a convincing argument.
In my first book The Diary of an Innocent’, I wanted people to understand that most of the major problems in the world have been orchestrated (or at the very least supported) by powerful bodies with their own agendas.  We are told what to think and how to act.  It is the story of a man who finds the diary of a catholic priest and how reading it affects his life.  He doesn’t hold the same beliefs as the priest, but in the end, he realises that there is room for all beliefs and lifestyles, and this knowledge makes his life very much richer.
My second is a book of short stories, cemented together by a light-hearted chat.  I have called it Different Eyes’ because that is the way a writer has to view the world, if he is to write anything of interest.  Hopefully, by explaining how some of the stories actually came about, potential short-story writers will benefit.
The book I will soon release is called ‘The Redemption’.  It demonstrates how different people perceive a situation in different ways, causing them to act out of all proportion to the position in which they find themselves.  Wouldn’t life be far more pleasant if we could see an adverse reaction by somebody, and nor react adversely to it?
The Redemption tells the story of a school swimming team and their coach who survive a plane crash in the South China Seas.  The story is told mainly from the points of view of one of the survivors and the coach, documenting the different viewpoints each one takes.
I have many more books that I want to write, and if people are still kind enough to read them, I will consider myself very privileged.

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